DDoS Protection

Published: 10th May 2011
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Distirbuted Denial of Service or DDOS attack is today's most commonly encountered and ongoing problem in network administration. This harm cannot be repaired at once. This indicates that a massive amount productivity will be sacrificed before this attack gets fixed. Since this is seriously a very crucial issue to be dealt with appropriately, a DDOS Protection is indeed vital.

DDOS or Distributed Denial of Service Protection is very essential for every one. Sad to say, some companies cannot afford to spend for DDOS Protection. The grounds behind this can be associated with the "discriminatory" characteristics of the protection. It means that a company must spend way up excessively in order to have this protection.

On the average, expenses range from $150 to $2,000 every month for the maintenance of the DDOS equipment only. The equipment itself is even priced unbelievably from $52,000 to $300,000 each. This makes the protection not reasonably priced and accessible from the equipment’s supposedly customers. The only entities that can finance to be protected by the DDOS are the large businesses. As such, small companies often get out of place from this DDOS protection.

DDOS protection vendors will not be even offering premiums or discounts that small enterprises are wishing. For all we know, those discounts and premiums could possibly be the only chance for small and medium businesses to stop DDOS problems.

Very few and little competition could be one of the highlighted logic behind why DDOS protections are not provided with discounts. Since there is less competitor in this sector, there's also less necessity to compete when it comes to price.

Lesser industry demanding for this product could also be a reason for its high price. Though there is significantly lesser market for this protection, the pretty high price will make up for that little market composed of big companiesthat will manage to pay for such price. To be able to immediately get a high rate of return on investment, they specify their price beyond the ceiling, if there’s any.

The high price tag, the monopolistic nature of suppliers, the low-frequency of discounts and promos, as well as the narrow size of market are intertwined why there is a low development on investigation involving DDOS protection. Because of the very little market demand, manufacturers cannot find a reason to mass produce DDOS protection or to find some other means by which they can make such protection cheaper.

On the other hand, there is actually a variation between the target market and actual market for DDOS protection. The target market can evidently be defined as all entities that want to acquire the service whilst the actual market can be defined as the tangible and considerable number of entities being serviced. Small and medium-sized enterprises are included in the target market, which makes it broader. The only hindrance for them to avail the service is price. This presents a test to DDOS protection providers.

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